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If you’re planning a party, you’ve probably put a lot of thought into the date, venue, food and entertainment, but what about your dance floor? Luxury Lounge & Lighting also supplies dance floor rentals. We have a huge inventory in a variety of styles that can fit any venue and a knowledgeable staff that will make dance floor rental less intimidating.  

What are the options?

Plankwood Dance Floor

LLL’s plankwood dance floor is a wooden dance floor that looks great both indoor and outdoor. This floor is ideal for any venue due to its classic design. The plankwood dance floor also blends well in modern designs.

Acrylic Dance Floor

LLL has acrylic dance floors in both black and white that can be rented and set in your venue of choice. Acrylic dance floors give a smooth uniform finish and add a style to your event design. The floors can be customized to make checkerboard and zig-zag designs. These floors are also versatile and can be used indoor or outdoor.


Vinyl Dance Floor Wrap

LLL's vinyl dance floor wraps can be rented in any color and size desired.  If you are looking for a dance floor with no seams between each tile, a vinyl wrap may be perfect for your event. Vinyl wraps are typically installed by the LLL team just prior to the event to avoid scuffs before the event begins. If the venue has a dance floor in house, LLL can wrap the existing dance floor. With many venues, a dance floor is not included and LLL can step in to provide the dance floor and the wrap. We are prepared for anything!

Round Dance Floor

Our round dance floors are also acrylic and available in 24 ft and 30 ft round. LLL’s round rental dance floors are chic and unique and can be used indoor or outdoor. These floors are ideal in large spaces or used as a focal point at your party. These floors are perfect for weddings, mitzvahs, or small performances.

LED Starlit Dance Floor

LLL’s LED starlit dance floor has become a client favorite due to the added sparkle and variable settings. Available in white, black, or a combination of the two, this dance floor is the perfect choice to add a little something extra to your celebration. This floor does require access to power, but can be used indoor and outdoor as well.

Infinity Mirror LED Dance Floor

LLL’s infinity mirrored LED dance floor is the crown jewel of the available dance floor rentals. This floor has a mirrored surface that creates the look of infinity with a rainbow LED display. The floor comes with 10+ preset patterns or can be customized for your event. The infinity mirror LED dance floor is a show-stopping piece that will wow all of your guest and take your party to the next level. This floor requires access to power and can be used in any indoor venue.

How can I customize?

We at Luxury Lounge & Lighting pride ourselves on being able to meet our clients’ needs and elevate their visions to the highest level and that includes our dance floors. LLL offers custom decals and floor wraps. All of our floors, excluding the infinity mirror LED, can take decals that can be customized with names, dates, monograms, and logos. LLL also offers floor wraps in a variety of colors, including metallic finishes. Our dance floors combined with decals or wraps is the best way to complete your event with an extra “wow” factor.

Infinity Dance Floor

White Acrylic Dance FloorVinyl Dance Floor Wrap with Custom DecalCorporate Dance Floor Wrap with DecalRound / Circular Dance FloorGlossy White Starlit Dance Floor

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